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There are many factories manufacture tungsten carbide power feed contact, but we apply professional imported grinding equipment in mirror machining instead of not manual polishing. And the surface flatness is within 0.2938μm and of stable conductivity as well as proportional wire. We have mass storage.

Item Code Brand Picture
1 M001 Mitsubishi
2 M001-1C Mitsubishi
3 M005 Mitsubishi
4 M006 Mitsubishi
5 M007 Mitsubishi
6 M009 Mitsubishi
7 S009S Sodick
8 S010 Sodick
Item Code Brand Picture
10 F002 FANUC
11 F005 FANUC
12 F006 FANUC
13 S023 SEIBU
14 S024 SEIBU
15 C001 Charmills