PRODUCTS > Plane Mirror Grinding

We use the imported appropriative disk grinding equipment to apply in plane mirror grinding,which flatness can be up to less than 0.2938μm.Besides,the processed items are of coincident measurement and stable quality.Usually,we make use of light-wave interference principle of photics plant mirror which alternate with light and shade ribbon(as picture one showing),the measure of tittle dimension difference or determining of plane tolerance are showed by the ribbon amount and shape.

Once when you use the photics plane mirror to inspect the workpiece surface,firstly,the surface finishes must be up to adequate degree;secondly,it can reflect rays and form a ribbon.But owing to the general processed workpiece surface are of irregular grain which can't reflect rays as well as no interferential lines accordingly.

The ribbon shape,which shows on the photics plane mirror,is the superficial status of workpieces:if the workpiece is plane,the ribbon will be parallel and of equal spacing;on the contrary,unplane surface will bring on curving ribbon,and its camber shows plane's windage,as the following drawing: